My story

After years working in the TV industry, my career path took an unexpected turn when I hit extreme burnout. In 2016, a fairly frightening first time meditation experience led me to an instant and irreversible inner transformation, alongside some serious physical side effects. I embarked on a long journey of self discovery and holistic well-being, ultimately healing my physical body by delving into the intricate connection between the mind and body. This journey led me to qualify as a yoga teacher, reflexologist, reiki practitioner, hypnosis practitioner, certified coach and more as I mapped out energy and the electrical impulses in the physical body & how they connect to the mind.

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Several years of study finally brought me to Human Design - the modality that I was stunned to see pulled nearly everything I was learning together into a unique blueprint for every individual.

Today I specialise in teaching Human Design Projectors how to harness the power of their Human Design to reach their full potential and purpose, without burning out. 

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