Why Working Less Hours As A Projector Isn’t The Solution

Cutting your hours from 9-5 to 9-1 might seem like a clever move if you are a Projector. And, yes – Projectors aren’t designed to work in the ‘traditional sense’ but solely working less hours isn’t the long term sustainable solution for productivity for projectors.

Before I understood my Human Design, I worked a freelance job in the TV industry chasing recognition, promotions and pay rises. After I hit burnout, my goal turned to simply working less hours, doing the same job – and here’s why working less doesn’t work long term.

My Path to Burnout as a Projector

As a freelancer in a fairly competitive industry, television production, I would obligingly work 12 hour days for months straight, without a day off.

I would take calls in the middle of night, with teams across multiple time zones. This was normal. Adrenaline was my energy source, fear that something could go wrong motivated me, and the constant need to prove myself kept me going.

Now understanding my Human Design I realise this reflects my design – an energy Projector, with an open Spleen and open Heart.

Slowly I began to notice something wasn’t right. Cuts wouldn’t heal. Every time I stood up from my desk, I would feel like I was going to pass out. I would burst into tears at the smallest piece of praise or thanks from my manager or colleague.

I was hobbling up the road from Monument tube station to the City each morning struggling to walk on my foot, that was obviously now infected from the cut that hadn’t healed. My head was down – determined to get to work, breathing through the pain.

But it was a whole year later until my body completely broke down. I really pushed it to it’s limits.

After an intense meditation experience at home one evening – a story for another time – I lost the feeling in my feet. This changed everything. I set about educating myself on how to heal my body. And work out what had happened to me.

I decided I had to work less (which was definitely necessary) and also set out to re-train in another career as it felt like I had to leave the job I already had.

My first thoughts whilst unwell were:

I have to find a new career

I know I’m good at this one, but I can’t risk being sick again…

There’s no way I can put myself through this again…

I have to re-train and find another way to make money…

In 2016 – 2019 I trained as a yoga teacher, doing 3 teacher trainings, then as a reiki practitioner, then as a L3 Reflexologist… the list went on.

I launched a business for all the above. They all flopped. I was so nervous about burning out and getting sick again – my subconscious kept putting a blocker in the way.

Then I found Human Design.

I realised the 9-5 I was running away from wasn’t the real issue

The issue, was that I was working in opposition to my design.

1) I was working like a Generator, I was burning my non-existent Sacral centre until exhaustion each day. I have consistent drive – as an energy Projector – but I didn’t know the correct way to release that pressure. This resulted in me working consistently to feel some relief from my defined Root.

2) I was taking on the fear of others in the office and amplifying it in my Open Spleen. I had lost track of what I was worried about happening, and what someone else was worried about! I was afraid of everything and anything and didn’t know how to regulate that feeling.

3) I had such a rapidly fluctuating feeling of self worth and value, that I didn’t know where I stood. Praise or thanks would floor me into a puddle of tears. My Open Heart (undefined with no gates) in Human Design explained why this was happening to me.

Working part-time was not going to fix the above.

The drive would still be there, along with the Open Centres. Yes I would get more rest, however nothing else would fundamentally change.

What would work is understanding HOW I was designed to work through my Human Design and aligning with it. So I spent another 4 years understanding my Design…

Understanding my design today allows me to continue to take freelance work if I wish to, knowing it will be aligned and enjoyable so long as I flow with my design, rather than work in opposition.

For my chart this looks like:

1) Sleeping on decisions as an emotional authority. Ensuring I am emotionally balanced before answering and not driven to say ‘yes’ immediately.

2) Only accepting contracts that allow for part-time, flexible hours, where I can work in short focused bursts as a Projector with focused Aura.

3) Majority home working, or say over my environment to ensure I’m not amplifying Sacral energy and can recognise my need for a break.

4) Ensuring I am recognised for my skills before accepting an invite for a contract or service.

Here’s what I would ask you to consider as a Projector looking to continue to work in a 9-5 for more energy:

How Your Environment Impacts your Productivity as a Projector

If you are a Projector, one crucial aspect for you to consider is your working environment. Whether it’s at home, in an office, or a public space, where you spend most of your time significantly influences your energy flow. 

In Human Design terminology, the undefined (white) centres in a Projector’s chart act as receptors, absorbing and amplifying energy and information from their surroundings.

Understanding your undefined centres, knowing what you are amplifying that isn’t yours, can help you see what’s distracting you and draining your energy.

The Importance of Awareness

Being aware of how external energies affect you is paramount for Projectors. When surrounded by others, you may find yourself being activated by the energy around you, leading you to feel not entirely yourself. However, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this; it’s merely a part of your design. The key is to cultivate awareness of these energetic influences.

Strategies to Optimise your Productivity as a Projector in a 9-5

Here’s how to increase your focus and protect your energy as a Projector working a 9-5:

Level 1: Set a timer and remove yourself from the working environment every few hours. Leave the building – walk around the block or the park. Check in with yourself and how you actually feel.

This stage is about bringing awareness and recognition to how your body actually feels when not absorbing and amplifying the Sacral energy in the office around you.

Level 2: Explore the gates in your undefined Sacral to see what themes are showing up for you when not knowing when to stop.

This is a deeper dive, after you understand the fundamentals of your chart.

Level 3: Get strategic on when to work around others and borrow that energy for your own benefit.

This stage is not for beginners. When you are entirely aware of the first two levels above, start to play with how it feels to use different environments. Notice, what does that boost of energy allow you to do compared to working alone?

Energy Flow & Enhanced Productivity for Projectors

Working fewer hours may seem like a quick solution, but for Projectors, it’s about optimising your understanding your entire chart and environmental influences. By cultivating awareness and implementing strategic practices, Projectors can harness their unique design for enhanced productivity and focus.

Want to find out more about being a Projector in a 9-5?

Join me for my Workshop – The Productive Projector. In this workshop we use your unique Human Design Chart to explore:

  • How changing your bedtime routine protects your energy and why sleeping habits matter as a Projector.
  • How those you live and work with impact your energy and what you can do to protect it.
  • How your physical working environment impacts your energy and physical health.
  • How the Projector’s Aura works in relation to work tasks and how you can make small tweaks to improve productivity.
  • How the Open Centres in your design impact you at work and how to recognise them to become less distracted.

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Why Working Less Hours As A Projector Isn’t The Solution

Why Working Less Hours As A Projector Isn’t The Solution

Why Working Less Hours As A Projector Isn’t The Solution

Why Working Less Hours As A Projector Isn’t The Solution

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