The Beginner’s Guide to Projector Type in Human Design

Welcome to my quick beginner’s guide to the Projector type in Human Design!

If you’ve recently discovered that you’re a Projector type in Human Design, and are wondering what this means for you, you’re in the right place! 

Human Design is a self-knowledge system that combines I Ching, the Kaballah, The Chakra system and quantum physics. 

Projectors are one of the four Human Design types, each with their own unique energy, purpose, and strategy for living. 

Human Design

The Human Design system mechanically divides humanity into 4 design types:

Generators (approx 37% of the population) & Manifesting Generators (approx 33% of the population)

Projectors (approx 20% of the population)

Manifestors (approx 9% of the population)

Reflectors (approx 1% of the population)

How do I find out what Human Design type I am?

To find out your Human Design you will need your:

  • Birth date
  • Exact birth time
  • Birth location

Your exact time of birth is important because even a few minutes can change your chart information. If you don’t have your time of birth, check your birth certificate, ask a parent or check a baby book. 

Click here to get your free Body Chart and find out what Human Design type you are!

If you can’t find your birth time, click here for a support video I’ve created for you.

Defined (colored in) and undefined (white) centers in your Human Design chart determine your type. Let’s explore what it means to be a Projector in Human Design…

The Role of the Projector in the Collective

Projectors make up about 21% of the population. 

As a Projector you are here to guide others. You are a non-energy type. This means you often do not have access to consistent energy to ‘work’ in the traditional 9-5 sense. You are here to be the leader, to guide others into the new paradigm, into a new way of living. Projectors are the newest of the ‘types’ in Human Design, only starting to appear in the 1700’s.

The primary role of Projectors is to guide, advise, and direct others. Projectors excel at seeing the bigger picture and providing valuable insights and direction instead of ‘physically doing’ all the work. They have a talent and are gifted for recognising potential in others and helping them actualise it.

As a Projector, your purpose is to master a system and then guide others using your expertise. This system can be anything from cooking, gardening, or hairdressing to engineering, coaching, or any other field. The key is to focus your energy on becoming an expert in your chosen area and then sharing your knowledge with others.

The Projector’s Strategy

In Human Design, each energy type has a Strategy. Your Strategy reveals how to create the most aligned opportunities in life, with the most flow and the least resistance. 

The Projector’s Strategy is to wait for the invitation. This invitation can come in many forms, such as someone explicitly asking for their advice or recognising their unique skills and perspectives.

Projectors are here to have their gifts and talents recognised before sharing them. As a non-energy type, a Projector can easily burn out by offering their expertise over and over without invitation. Make sure others recognise your gifts and talents before offering them to avoid burnout, and refrain from giving unsolicited advice unless invited. You deeply want to guide others, but they must recognise your gifts first.

To dive deeper into what it means to wait for the invitation as a Projector, check out this blog (how to wait for the invitation)

The Projector’s Aura

The Aura of a Projector is penetrating and focussed. A Projector can see directly into the other, and this is the key that allows them to guide others in such a successful way. 

Their Aura is like a laser beam of energy coming from the centre of their body directly into the other. Because this Aura is so direct and outwardly focused, Projectors can often struggle to see and recognise their own talents and gifts and seeking guidance from others can help them uncover these.

Signature & Not-Self theme for Projectors

Signature refers to the unique feeling or sensation you experience when you live in alignment with your true nature and follow your Human Design strategy. For Projectors, using the strategy of waiting for the invitation leads to the Signature theme of Success

Feeling successful is a key indicator you are on the right path, no matter how that success may look to others . You will feel successful when others see and recognise your gifts and the unique perspective you offer.

When Projectors are out of alignment with their design, and not following their Strategy of waiting for the invitation, they can experience the Not-Self theme of Bitterness. 

The unique energy of a Projector, along with their innate ability to guide and direct others, means they can feel overlooked and become bitter if they aren’t recognised or invited into major life decisions or roles.

The key for Projectors is to be guided by their own unique strategy to follow to meet life with less resistance. When you move against this strategy, you’ll find more resistance in your life – more events you don’t want to happen, less satisfaction and less success. Learning how to follow your unique Design allows life to flow freely and easily in your favour.

The Open Sacral Centre

All Projectors have an undefined (white) Sacral Centre. All Generators have a defined (red) Sacral Centre.

There are fundamental differences between coloured in and white centres in your chart.

The white (undefined) centres absorb and amplify. The coloured (defined) centres transmit and regulate.

A Projector’s biggest lesson is often learning how to manage the Sacral energy they absorb and amplify from the Generators, who make up 70% of the population.

The confusion for the Projector is ‘what is my energy’ and what is someone else’s. Because of this lesson, at the core of every Projector is the inherent gift to be able to guide the energy of others.

Projectors are designed to guide Generators.

Projectors in the Process

All the Human Design Types are designed to work together, each with a different purpose. Here’s an example in relation to a work project if we separated all Types into their strategy:

The Manifestor is designed to inform. They share with everyone their idea for a Project.

The Generator is designed to wait to respond. They are excited by the idea, and wait until they are sure they are excited to respond to the Manifestor and offer to help build it.

The Manifesting Generator is also designed to wait to respond. The difference here is that whilst the Generator will be engaged in this one project with the Manifestor, the Manifesting Generator may have multiple projects going on.

The Projector is designed to wait to be invited by the other Types.

The Projector is designed to have mastered a system, and be recognised for that mastery before being invited by the other Types to guide the Project using their expertise. They can see what needs improved from a different perspective than other types.

The Reflector is designed to reflect back the state of health of the projects environment. They can also guide the Project, but rather from a place of mastery of a system, Reflectors guide based on information they gather from the space. This can be a process that takes them 28 days (a lunar cycle) to ensure they have all energy before guiding.

Your next steps as a Projector…

Remember: Your Strategy reveals how to create the most aligned opportunities in life, with the most flow and the least resistance. By starting with your Strategy, to wait for the invitation, you can begin to experiment with your Human Design and see how things unfold for you. 

Some questions to reflect on as a Projector:

  • What am I here to master?
  • Where am I sharing what I’m passionate about?

When you feel comfortable using your Strategy, you can begin to include your Authority – which is your decision making process. Click here to learn more about each Authority in Human Design.

{link to Authority blog}

The Beginner’s Guide to Projector Type in Human Design

The Beginner’s Guide to Projector Type in Human Design

The Beginner’s Guide to Projector Type in Human Design

The Beginner’s Guide to Projector Type in Human Design

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