The Three Types Of Projectors 

The Three Types of Projectors in Human Design

Are you a Projector in Human Design? Did you know there are THREE types of Projectors? Projectors are fundamentally the most diverse Type in Human Design despite being only 20% of the population. Although Projectors all have the same Strategy (to wait for the invite) and Aura (focused and penetrating), they can have the option of five different Authorities (decision making process) in Human Design – more than any other Type!

We can see Projectors with just 2 energy centres defined, and others with 8 energy centres defined. There really is a huge variety of Projector combinations and this means Projectors can be incredibly different person to person. This is why Projectors are the only type to be sub-categorised into 3 further types to help distinguish how they are designed to operate.

 An energy Projector with 8 defined centres

A Classic Projector with 2 defined centres

The Three Types of Projectors

In this blog, I’m going to share about the three subtypes of Projectors in Human Design: 

  • the Mental Projector
  • the Classic Projector
  • and the Energy Projector

This is something not spoken about that much in Human Design. It can be a reason why some people don’t feel like they ‘resonate’ with being a Projector.

As I mentioned, it’s important to note that all Projectors have the same strategy (to wait for the invitation). They also share the same aura (focused), signature (success), and not-self theme (bitterness). 

So, don’t worry, everything you’ve learned about Projectors in general is still applicable to you. However, there are other elements of your chart that distinguish you into one of the 3 subtypes for further clarity on your design. Important: For best understanding of your own design as a Projector, I always recommend you learn about who you are not by reading about all the designs and subtypes. Projectors naturally learn about themselves by understanding the other. Understanding who you are not designed to be, can bring clarity to who you are.

Mental Projectors

The first type of Projector we’re going to dive into is called the Mental Projector. Mental Projectors are the deep thinkers of the Projector world. They have two or three of the top three centres defined (Head, Ajna, and Throat).

Remember that where we are ‘defined’ in our chart is where we have consistent energy. With this, you can absolutely understand why a mental Projector would be particularly focused in the mind! 

Therefore, Mental Projectors have an incredible capacity to process and analyse information. They tend to naturally spend a lot of time in their head.

Whilst they are naturally focusing on mental energy – ideas, inspiration, concepts and questions… The 6-7 undefined centres in the rest of their chart are bringing in and amplifying the energy around them in their environment. 

The amplification of external energy being sucked in can impact everything for Mental Projectors. How they feel, what they are thinking and how they make decisions.

This is why the Authority (decision making strategy) of the Mental Projector is always ‘sounding board’. This is sometimes called ‘environmental’ or ‘mental’. 

The Mental Projector needs to get their decision making outside of their mind in order to hear the correct answer. They need to be in the correct environment before doing so. Essentially, this is to ensure what they are speaking is true them, and not as a result of being influenced by their environment.

Mental Projectors need help with:

  • Learning to get the decision-making process out of the mind by using your Authority
  • Understanding and experimenting with how different environments make you feel (home, cafe, forest, supermarket) and becoming aware of the impact.
  • Grounding practices for your body and sufficient time to discharge the amplified energy in your undefined centres before bed.

Classic Projector

Classic Projectors are determined by having no motor centres defined. However, they must have at least one centre defined below the throat. 

There are 4 motor centres in Human Design:

  • The Sacral
  • The Solar Plexus
  • The Heart
  • The Root Centre

A Classic Projector will have all of these centres undefined (white) as per the chart below.

Motor Centres are the fuel to move forward in a consistent manner. (You can read more about them in the Energy Projector below). 

Without any Motor Centre definition, Classic Projectors can absorb and test the motor energy in others. Because the motor centres are the energetic frequency of the fuel to move forward and manifest, having all of these centres undefined means the Classic Projector has a unique way to test others motor energy to know what opportunities and people are correct for them in a way others can’t. This is very different to the Energy Projector who is driven by their Motor Centres to physically discharge their energy by accepting a variety of invitations often without giving it a second thought.

The essential part of this gift for the Classic Projector. They test and taste the motor energy of others without identifying with it as their own energy. The Classic Projector will naturally absorb and amplify the motor energy of others in their environment. As such, it’s important to know how this will show up – you can find this out by learning about the ‘not-self’ themes of the motor centres.

By testing the motor centre energy of others, Classic Projectors can become very tuned in and selective in knowing what invitations and people are correct for them.

Classic Projectors need help with: 

  • Recognising when the motor energy of others is impacting your actions. This is because you are naturally designed to absorb and amplify others adrenaline, will power and emotional waves.
  • Connecting to authority before making decisions or accepting invitations

Energy Projector 

Energy Projectors are often the busiest of the Projector sub-types. With one or more motor centres defined, they can often be mistaken for energy types. This is due to their high energy output. The defined motor centre(s) in the Energy Projector pressure them to take on a lot as there is a drive to dis-charge the fuel in those defined motor centres. The more motor centres that are defined in your chart – the more pressure to dis-charge.

Managing the Pressure to Discharge Energy

The pressure to discharge the motor energy can result in the Projector initiating or overriding their authority (decision making process) to release that pressure by making sure they are always doing ‘something’. Energy Projectors are often the Projector type that unintentionally then becomes ‘the worker’ rather than the guide and long term this can have a physical impact on their health.

The Three types of projector - the energy projector

The key for the Energy Projector is to anchor into their authority to really get clear of what opportunity is a yes or a no, rather than saying ‘yes’ just to stay busy. 

If you have any of the coloured centres in the image to the left defined, you are an Energy Projector.

Emotional Authority and Decision Making

The Energy Projector with an Emotional Authority can have a particularly tricky time making correct decisions. Because their decision making is impacted by their emotional wave and there is no truth in the moment for them, they must wait to be emotionally balanced before making a choice. Whilst waiting, the pressure to discharge the energy continues… often resulting in the Projector initiating (the Manifestors strategy) or saying yes to invitations that aren’t for them.

Energy Projectors need to find the correct way to release energy. 

Understanding Your Design for Energy Release

It can help as an Energy Projector to understand how you are designed to release the pressure from these Motor Centres. We can do this by looking at individual gates and channels and how they are connected within the body graph, as well as whether these gates and channels are conscious or unconscious (red or black in colour).

Energy Projectors have a real need, want, and drive to get things done and do things. However, they can struggle with understanding what direction to funnel that energy. Their Human Design chart holds that answer.

Energy Projectors need help with:

  • Extra vigilance around not saying yes to all invitations due to drive.
  • Discharging the built up energy in the correct way.
  • Not falling into initiating action.
  • Not becoming a Generator.

Embracing Your Projector Sub-Type

No matter which sub-type of Projector you are, remember that your fundamental strategy remains the same: wait for the invitation. However, by understanding the unique nuances of your sub-type, you can better navigate your own energy, decision-making process, and interactions with others.

Embrace your natural strengths and be mindful of your potential pitfalls. 

Mental Projectors, use your natural ability to process and analyse information however ensure you speak your decision making out loud to ensure you are not making your decisions from your mind.

Classic Projectors, test the motor energy of others to refine the correct invitations and people for you, however be careful not to resonate with the motor energy of others as your own. 

Energy Projectors, allow your motor centres to be one of your gifts and learn how that pressure of these centres is designed to be correctly discharged, however ensure you are running all decisions via your authority before jumping into an opportunity.

We all have completely different charts, and it is not a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Sometimes it can be interesting to bring awareness to the fact that even though you are a Projector, you are still designed to work differently than other Projectors. As I said at the start, Projectors are the most diverse type in the Human Design system.

By honouring your Projector sub-type, you can fully embody your role as a guide and leader, making a lasting impact on those around you and the world at large.

Know you are a Projector but not sure where to start? to get my free guide where you can learn the 3 KEY STEPS to start decoding your Human Design Chart. Click here my free guide where you can learn the 3 KEY STEPS to start decoding your Human Design Chart.

The Three Types Of Projectors 

Human Design

The Three Types Of Projectors 

Human Design

The Three Types Of Projectors 

Human Design

The Three Types Of Projectors 

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