Waiting for The Invitation as a Projector in Human Design

As a Projector in Human Design, one of the most common pieces of advice you’ll hear is to “wait for the invitation’ and this is because it’s the Projectors Strategy in life. In Human Design, your ‘Strategy’ dictates how you interact with the world around you to achieve the best results, ease, and flow. But what does waiting for the invitation really mean, and how can you, as a Projector, navigate this concept in your daily life? 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of invitations for Projectors and provide practical tips on how to recognise and respond to them.

Understanding the Projector’s Role

Projectors are designed to be the guides and advisors of the Human Design world. Your unique aura allows you to see deeply into others and recognise their potential, talents, and abilities. As a Projector, your purpose is to guide others towards their authentic path and help them actualise their gifts.

However, it’s important to remember that Projectors are not meant to be the initiators or the ones constantly taking action – this is the Generator or Manifestor’s role. Instead, your role is to wait for the right invitations before sharing your wisdom and insight.

The Importance of Waiting for the Invitation

Waiting for the invitation can be challenging for Projectors, especially in a world that often values fast action, constant hustle and proving your value. However, understanding and honouring this aspect of your design is crucial for maintaining your energy, being truly recognised for your guidance, and avoiding burnout.

As a Projector, you have a limited energy supply compared to Generators and Manifesting Generators. Trying to force your way into situations or offering unsolicited advice can quickly deplete your energy reserves, leaving you feeling exhausted and bitter.

By waiting for the invitation, you allow others to recognise your unique value and seek out your guidance when the time is right. This not only conserves your energy but also ensures that your insights are well-received and appreciated.

The Art of Allowing

Waiting for the invitation is an art of allowing. Allowing the pieces to fall, and watching closely, trusting, and sensing. Noticing when you are being called upon directly and invited to share your guidance. 

One of the questions I am asking by Projectors all the time is what is it that I should do?

What should I master?

Which service should I offer?

What does my chart tell me I should create? 

Your Human Design chart gives you insights into your unique talents and skills but will never tell you exactly what to create in life. Your Human Design chart gives you the foundation of gifts and talents you naturally have available, not exactly what to apply them to. 

My answer is always: for the Projector what they do in life, business and relationship will come through invitation. 

  • What are you being invited to share in your business? What do people always ask you to explain or help with? 
  • Who is inviting you to engage in a relationship? Be that friend or romantic. 
  • Where are you being invited to act in your life? Perhaps this is to move home, move country, start a new career or connected to your family.

The Surrender Experiment

One of my favourite books as a Projector is The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer – it’s really worth a listen to understand what following the invite really looks like when you commit to it 100%. 

Waiting for the invitation is really the anchor point in which the Projector can release some of the pressure to work like a Generator and ‘respond’ to opportunities. You don’t need to seek out opportunity, you need to become aware of what you are being invited to do.

BUT, and it’s a big but… in order to be invited you need to do something else first…

What Waiting for the Invitation is Not

Active Participation vs. Passive Waiting

Waiting for an invitation does not mean sitting at home waiting for someone to find and invite you. Yes, you are here to be invited rather than reaching out for opportunities, but no one will invite you if they do not know you exist!

As a Projector, you are designed to master a system or service to guide and lead others. It’s your unique focused aura that allows you to see into others in a way they may not be able to see for themselves. 

The Importance of Sharing Your Expertise

You need to share your abilities, interests, and mastery in a mutual space, so others can gather and recognise your skills. Without knowing what you can do, there is no possible recognition, and without the recognition, no one will invite you. 

Overcoming the Challenges of Self-Promotion

This can feel like a daunting task for the Projector, putting themselves out there and allowing invites to come towards them, rather than planning out a step-by-step path and approaching others offering their services or advice. 

But this strategy is in place to protect the Projectors energy and to ensure they move towards their signature of ‘success’ rather than ‘bitterness’ which is what we call the ‘not-self’ for the Projector – the sign you are out of alignment.

Waiting for the Invitation: Learning the Hard Way

I learned this the hard way when first starting my business, this was before I was aware of my Human Design, and I was training as a Reflexologist on the side of my 9-5. My Reflexology qualification wasn’t an easy one and it had me committed to completing 100+ treatments, case studies and monthly in-person classes for over a year. 

Had I known my Human Design back then I would have realised immediately that reflexology was definitely not what I was designed to do and would not be sustainable for me… but I learned a lot from the experience!

The Enthusiasm to Share vs. the Reality of Recognition

Whilst mastering Reflexology (as an unaware Projector at the time), I constantly had this deep urge to share with everyone I met about the benefits of Reflexology.  

‘You’re struggling with hay fever? Work on your sinus reflex on your hands! Here, I’ll show you!! In fact, let me record a whole video for you on how to do it!’ 

My enthusiasm to teach people about how reflexology could change on-going symptoms had me approaching anyone I could to tell them about this transformational therapy that could help them. 

Unfortunately, 90% of the responses from those I was forcing my reflexology tips on were: 

oh.. right… that’s interesting… I think I’ll stick with my antihistamine tablets though?’.

Over time, my initial short-term disappointment transformed into bitterness as I struggled to understand why people lacked interest in my insights. I was also exhausted in providing so much of my time and energy for free trying to convince people reflexology could really help their physical symptoms.

The Core Issue: Lack of Recognition

Here’s what was happening. 

No one was recognising that I was the expert in this field. They didn’t know my background, that I had studied and treated clients for hundreds of hours, and that I have previously cured my hay fever entirely through diet changes and reflexology.

Because they didn’t recognise me as an expert, they didn’t invite me to share my guidance. 

Because they weren’t inviting me, I took it upon myself to approach others and over provide information and services until I was burned out again – the one thing I was re-training to move away from.

What I Should Have Done Differently When Waiting for the Invitation

What should I have done? 

I should have shared my skills in a mutual space and allowed people to come to me. I should have set up a social media account, website, attended local fairs and shows and demonstrated my skills without approaching others first.

Recognising the Invitation

Identifying a Correct Invitation

So, how do you recognise a correct invitation as a Projector? Invitations can come in many forms, however the most important aspect is to ask yourself has this person recognised me before inviting me?

If someone has cold messaged you, asking to take part in an opportunity and it’s clear they don’t really understand what you do or who you are – that invitation probably isn’t going to turn out the way you want it to. 

Without the recognition first, you are delivering a service to someone blindly. They don’t know what to expect from you, and therefore probably won’t receive your expertise in the way you hoped they would.

Waiting for an Invitation: An Example of Misaligned Invitations

Let’s say your expertise was tennis, and you specialise in teaching tennis to left-handed children.

  • You receive an invite from someone inviting you to lead a sports class.
  • You accept the invitation later to find out it’s at a retirement home for elderly people struggling with mobility. 
  • You lead the class regardless as it was an ‘invitation’ but leave feeling a little bitter you didn’t get to share your key skills.
  • The person who invited you perhaps didn’t get what they expected either.

A correct invitation for a Projector comes from someone who has already recognised you.

As a Projector, it’s essential to share openly in a mutual space what your skills and talents are, whilst also paying attention to the signs and synchronicities that guide and invite you to follow a certain path.

Misconceptions About Waiting for an Invitation

I want to note here that on some corners of the internet you’ll find extreme Human Design information that says you should not take any action ever without an invitation as a Projector. I can only imagine those Projector’s make life incredibly difficult for themselves as this is simply not true. 

In Ra Uru Hu’s foundational Projector teachings, he confirms that Projectors do need to make small day to day decisions without invitation – so long as they are using their authority to decide. 

So remember, waiting for the invite is designed to bring clarity to life whilst protecting your energy, no to make life come to a standstill whilst you hang around and wait for someone to invite you.

Using Your Authority to Respond

Once you receive an invitation, the next step is to run it through your Authority – your unique decision-making process as outlined in your Human Design chart. As a Projector this could be one of 5 different authority types. 

By checking in with your authority, you can determine whether the invitation aligns with your authentic truth and if it’s something you should pursue. Remember, not every invitation is meant for you, and that’s okay. 

Trust your strategy and authority to lead you towards the opportunities that are truly aligned with your path.

Practical Tips for Waiting for the Invitation

  • Get clear on your unique gifts and the systems you want to share with the world. Use your Human Design chart to identify your strengths and areas of expertise.
  • Create a platform or space where you can share your insights and knowledge with others. This could be a personal website, blog, social media account, or local event.
  • Regularly share your wisdom and expertise in this space. Focus on providing value and establishing yourself as a trusted expert in your field.
  • Trust that the right people will be drawn to your work and recognise your unique talents. Remember, recognition comes before the invitation.
  • When invitations do come your way, use your Authority to discern which ones are aligned with your energy and purpose.
  • Embrace the ebb and flow of invitations. Some periods may be quieter than others, and that’s okay. Use the downtime to rest, recharge, and refine your craft.
  • Celebrate the invitations that do come your way, and approach them with gratitude and an open heart.

If you find yourself in a position where invitations are not coming, there is nothing that is stopping you from making those invitations happen. Look at yourself and who you are. What is the image of you that you are projecting out into the world? 

Your Projector Path

As a Projector, your strategy is to wait for the invitation. This doesn’t mean waiting around idly. It means engaging with life, learning, growing, sharing but waiting for recognition and an explicit invitation before you take on big roles, particularly those related to guiding or leading others. The challenge here is to truly understand when an invitation is correct for you and when it is not.

Remember, as a Projector, your path may look different from those around you. Embrace your unique design and trust in the timing of the invitations that come your way.

By honouring your need for recognition and invitation, you can:

  • Conserve your energy
  • Share your gifts with the world
  • Fulfil your purpose as a guide and advisor

Want to find your Purpose as a Projector without searching endlessly on Google? Click here receive a video of my step-by-step guide on how to live your Human Design as a Projector. Get your chart and a notepad ready!

(And yes, this is an invitation)

Waiting for The Invitation as a Projector in Human Design

Human Design

Waiting for The Invitation as a Projector in Human Design

Human Design

Waiting for The Invitation as a Projector in Human Design

Human Design

Waiting for The Invitation as a Projector in Human Design

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