How to be more productive as a Projector

As a Projector in Human Design, you possess unique insights and perspectives. You are destined to guide and lead others rather than exerting constant physical energy. However, finding ways to increase your energy and focus as a Projector can sometimes be challenging as a non-energy Human Design Type.

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Lauren, Human Design Guide & Mentor. I’m a 6/2 Emotional Energy Projector, Energy Management Expert, and your new guide to understanding your Projector Human Design and putting it into action for success.

I’m here to help Projectors:

  • Learn why the Projector is designed to work differently to 70% of the population and has a unique purpose & way to interact with the world
  • Learn how to spot your unique talents as well as where you are most likely to become distracted
  • Learn how to practically apply your Human Design and create an aligned life, business and relationships that allows you to meet your true potential with energetic ease

You’re in the right place if you are ready to feel more energised and motivated and meet your true purpose… But, you’re not sure where to start. Let’s delve into helpful practical methods and the Projector pitfalls to help you harness your focus and increase productivity as a Projector…

Understanding Your Design

The Projector does not have access to the Sacral Centre. This makes Projectors what is called a ‘non-energy type’ in Human Design. The Projector is here to guide, rather than physically do the heavy lifting and building. As a Projector you are in the minority when it comes to this. Only Projectors and Reflectors (23% of the population in total) are non-energy Types. Therefore, it’s so important to understand how you uniquely work in order to increase your energy and focus as a Projector.

Defined vs. Undefined Centres

The first thing to look at in your design is identifying which centres are defined and which are undefined. In your chart your defined centres are who you really are, what is stable and reliable. Your undefined centres are who you are not, which is unstable and not always available. Unfortunately, the undefined areas in your chart are often much louder than the defined centres which creates distraction.

For example, you have a defined spleen centre and an undefined root centre.

Defined Spleen Centre

The defined spleen centre is part of who you really are. The theme of the Spleen Centre is intuition, survival and the immune system, and you, with this centre defined, have a consistent and reliable access to your intuition and intuitively know what is right and wrong for you. This is a great gift that 55% of the population do not have access to. What you are intuitive in knowing about will be determined by which of the gates in your spleen centre are activated.

Undefined Root Centre and Its Distractions

The theme of the root centre is adrenaline, stress and drive. It is a pressure centre and the pressure is to take physical action to be free of feeling pressure. As this centre is undefined, it acts as a receptor, it receives and amplifies the adrenaline, stress and drive in the environment around you. This results in you taking action, setting deadlines, and feeling a pressure to finish all tasks as quickly as possible.

This undefined centre becomes so loud, that your attention and focus is driven to how much you can get done and quickly – rather than your gift of intuitively knowing what what to do.

Increasing Productivity by Understanding Your Centres

By far the most important way a Projector can increase their productivity is looking at their combination of defined and undefined centres. Here you can spot where you are being distracted from what is consistent and reliable for you, which something you are being conditioned by the external environment.

You can unlock the secrets of the Human Design Centres and what the distractions will look like with my FREE e-book, click here to download it!

Intentional Focus is Key

As a Projector, your Aura is focused and penetrating. This is the way you project energy out into the world around you. Think of your Aura like a laser beam. You are designed to focus on one person, or thing, at one time.

As we live in a Generator dominated world (70% of the population), often Projectors try to be like Manifesting Generators. Manifesting Generators are designed to juggle. They have a defined sacral centre which powers them up every day and are designed to be exhausted before bedtime.

This is not the Projectors design. Yet, if you are unaware you are a Projector, how would you know the difference? Most Projectors are just trying to keep up with the people around them.

However, Projectors are designed to focus on one task or person at a time.

For me, as a Projector, this means switching off all notifications or distractions and choosing the one task I’m going to complete. Once that task is finished, I move onto the next one task. This makes the most out of the Projectors focused Aura.

Projectors are also designed to work in focused short blocks of time. 3-4 hours is often the recommended limit for the Projectors focused ‘work’ capacity each day.

Projectors can be incredibly productive in a very short space of time when they connect with their design, their gifts, and decide to focus on one task.

Practical methods to increase energy and focus as a Projector

To increase your energy and focus as a Projector, consider these practical methods:

  1. Block your diary out to focus on one task at a time and working no longer than a 3-4 hour block
  2. Go through the Undefined Centres in your Body Graph and check if any external conditioning is distracting you from completing the task at hand. (Get your free Body Graph here!) {link} and my free guide to understanding your centres here [link]
  1. Understanding what type of Projector you are (there’s 3 different Types!) and how that impacts your decision making and actions.

How to increase your energy and focus as a Projector in Human Design

Things that don’t work for Projectors looking to be more Productive:

  • Juggling multiple ideas and projects without a core underlying system or theme. Mastery of one subject or skill is essential for a Projector
  • Waiting until you are exhausted to stop and take rest.
  • Going to sleep when exhausted. Going to bed an hour before sleep is important for a Projector to allow time to discharge energy and information received into the undefined sacral.
  • Jumping from one task to another task. ‘Responding’ to whatever is happening in the moment rather than setting your focus. Responding is for Generators, not Projectors.

Embracing Your Gifts as a Projector

Aligning with your true nature as a Projector involves honouring your unique design and navigating the intricacies of energy and focus. 

You can unlock your full potential as a guiding force in the world by:

  • Recognising your strengths, as well as distractions
  • Aligning with your authority

Remember, Projectors are designed to guide and lead — being ‘productive’ is only essential to get you to this point. You are designed to guide and leader others, not do the physical work.

If you want to dive in further, you can join me in my 2 hour Productive Projector Workshop. Here we look at how to structure your working day as a Projector for more productivity and ease, whilst protecting your energy levels. It’s the perfect workshop if you are a Projector in a 9-5, looking to build your on business on the side.

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How to be more productive as a Projector

How to be more productive as a Projector

How to be more productive as a Projector

How to be more productive as a Projector

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